The identity we create for ourselves online in fact has a great impact on our life. Even greater than you would think at first. Basically, Instagram serves as an online CV that can be reached by anyone – your family, friends, colleagues, those who wish you well and those who do not. Therefore, the content of your Instagram account should be well thought out, just like you think twice when posting something on your Facebook wall. 

Let us start with the most basic thing – your account handle. Although it may seem as a small and a trivial detail, it is the first and most important characteristic feature of your account. It serves as a signature under every picture and comment you post, every direct message you send, this is the first thing you are characterized with and associate with to others. I find that excellent choice is your name, nickname or an alter ego. If you are writing a diary about your pregnancy, use that in your handle, if you travel, bake cakes, repair cars or showcase your favorite city use that as a starting point! Allow your hobby or profession be the storyteller. Do the exact same thing in your description box – be brief and concise! Highlight the important aspects of your account!

Next up – content. There are a sea of yes’s and no’s when it comes to pictures you post and content you create. Let’s start with the no’s. Not to lies and no to negativity! Be genuine and create authentic content, shy away from content that proposes a lifestyle you don’t actually lead. Instagram is not a competition of who has the new trendy shoe or receive more double taps on selfies so do not perceive it that way! This is why I am a fan of the hashtags that point out if the post has been sponsored in any way. I think it creates some sort of sense of the reality. Because still many do not realize the amount of pr samples and ads that float around. And when it is not explained in any way to the followers, negativity begins. Also, as demonstrated by the example of Kim Kardashian, Instagram is not a place where to show off.

Many perceive Instagram as a platform where what you see is what you get, but I believe that it is not entirely true. therefore, as the first big yes, I emphasize the importance of inspiring! Be you and create a sense of feeling that encourages others to act, don’t shy away from admitting that sometimes it gets hard, build a world where you are appreciated for who you really are! Encouraging others is not limited to personal accounts only, fan, animal and funny accounts can do the same. Just choose with what you feel the most at ease and make others smile. And remember, when keeping an active account does not bring you joy it is time to rethink you strategy, because that is utterly the most important aspect for you. Your account should make you smile whenever you take a look at it. After all, picture is worth more than thousands of words!

Next up – how to achieve that perfect eye catching grid, that is unique and easy to find!

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