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Is it possible to define the meaning of life in one word? Or maybe one sentence? Do we actually have to do it? It is quite all right just to live and catch moments however, there is something I know for sure- you have to do it with pleasure. Otherwise, it is just spinning around. Work- children- family- 100 and 1 responsibilities. In addition, sometimes there is a spare time in the evening when you finally can open a bottle of wine or have a movie night with friends, well- if you are lucky enough. And among all this, there is time- ticking away and not making us truly happy. Could it be that catching those beautiful moments is actually the meaning, the essence of life? Anyways- additional boost of inspiration is never too much. You have come to the right place if you are one of them- the one who is just willing to enjoy life without trying to stick to all of the standards of the society. Exploring new horizons is possible here and now, in Latvia.

Welcome to the world of Morethansize– interactive online magazine, created for women just like You and me. It is created to entertain, inform and inspire all of us. Moreover- we will try to catch that praised pleasure – pleasure of life. What is it- Morethansize, You would ask. Well, it might be Your best friend or just a confederate for the time being. Somebody who is not going to teach You how You should live. Somebody who is not pushing You to “fit in” just to match some certain standards, not pushing You to grow thin so that You look like mysterious Parisian women nobody has ever met. In other words- this is going to be an exciting, entertaining, visually beautiful reading about topicalities of beauty and fashion. About delicious foods, innovative ideas, head whirling experiments, great discoveries and so much more. All of this is enjoyable with no worries even if Your size is far above 42

The keystone and the author of the idea is Indra Salcevica- desired stylist, recognized fashion designer, loving mother and wife as well as a reliable friend in one person. Most probably, you have already seen her on local TV shows and pages of glossy magazines. Apart from work, she meets friends enjoying relaxed conversations along with delicious foods, travels and sometimes even watches horror movies to free her mind. Different diets and weight loosing experiences have been part of her life, of course. However, there came a moment when she realized it is time to stop and just be yourself. Now her life is brightened up by the new project- Morethansize, which came into digital media at the end of last year. Indra says – life is something more than fitting into size 36. You are able to guess it by the title of magazine as well. In addition, she is right, You just have to reveal it for yourself, and this is why we are here.

The team of Morethansize is not adventitious, either. A personal blog was Indra’s initial plan however more and more ideas about style photos and videos came into her mind as time passed by. In a while, it was clear that it is impossible to be on scene and behind the scenes at the same time if you are acting alone. Idea about her own team came little by little and it has resulted in a beautiful creative core of the magazine- Indra, Brigita, Natalija, Iveta, Jana and Zanda. All of them are attractive, creative and life loving women. They do not complain about difficulties, they do not criticize other people; they just try to take every chance and enjoy the moment. They are all different; they are all personalities with various life experiences and interests. This exactly what makes our minds brainstorm and ideas fly freely. “It is so crucial to me that people are entirely overwhelmed by what they do. I am aware that this is a huge adventure and I would like it to be essential to the whole team, “says Indra.  Most of the fun and joy we all experience in the process of creating, is happy laughter, funny photoshoots, special moments while filming videos and generating ideas along with light mutual communication.

As regards describing herself, Indra mentions her energy and millions of new ideas that come into her mind continuously. It is easy to strive for more and to do things better when you have a chance to be inspired by positive, confident and purposeful people. It turns out that author of the project came across media environment accidentally. “The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to create fashion however life did some corrections and I found myself in media as well- working in editorial staffs as a stylist. It was a huge responsibility, as I always had to be up to date with what happens in fashion world. It was absolutely clear that Sandra or Dace might not like what I do like so I couldn’t impose my taste of fashion to anyone. All the information had to be general, useful for everybody. Therefore, I am trying to be really elastic- trying to understand a girl from a countryside as well as a capital woman with a luxurious lifestyle. As years pass by I have understood that there is no point in criticizing people, the main thing is to educate them.” This is what Morethansize is about- about women, which are united by wish to look good and in the end, be in a harmony with themselves.

The requirements of the society are growing as modern technologies develop. Sometimes it seems impossible to create something innovative and fresh, something that has not been yet, in this era. However, in spite of all this, Morethansize team believes anything is possible and does not intend to stop. Everything is possible as long as you act and do. Let me whisper you a secret- all the contents of the magazine will be available in English quite soon. This means there will be more and more of us. More and more different. Because not only in Latvia women crave to eat, pray and love. Therefore, I truly believe that Morethansize will become a small part of worldwide bodypositive movement. Isn’t this a great start for something new, feminine and exciting? See you in a while and may we all have a day filled with inspiration!

Autors : Daiga Zīmele  foto : Aiga Rēdmane, Toms Norde

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