New product of French skin care brand VichySlow age facial fluid was presented at the end of the March in Riga. The exciting event was well attended by leading beauty media representatives and bloggers as well as clients and long- term co-partners.

At the beginning of the presentation attendants were greeted by General Manager of Vichy in Baltic States Marija Zuka (Marija Žuka) who invited dermatologist Anna Berzina (Anna Bērziņa) to continue with more specific information.  She started by educational lecture about the strong impact of the external environment on face skin.

„Exposome is the effect and storage of outer (climate, pollution, UV radiation) and inner (nutrition, stress, emotional background etc.) factors that influence our bodies and health. Not paying enough attention to it, our skin ages faster and more visible. Dermatologists suggest being aware of ones exposome and choosing appropriate and right skin care and protection,” tells doctor- dermatologist of Laser plastics clinik Anna Berzina.

Vichy Laboratories created Slow Age fluid using innovative formula that compensates the harm by which our skin is affected daily. The new formula combines Vichy’s mineralising thermal water,

an antioxidant extract from baicalin root and fortifying probiotic bifidus lysate. Slow age corrects visible signs of aging and slows down rise of new ones,” adds Marija Zuka. Baicalin root is a powerful antioxidant. It’s a flower with multiple benefits, resistant to both UV rays and extremely low temperatures. Bifidus from probiotics reinforces the skin’s barrier and reduces skin sensitivity.

Along with the other guests, five carefully selected ambassadors of new Slow Age product in Latvia took part in the event as well- fashion and lifestyle blogger Brigita Dambe, beauty editor and fashion designer Dace Krievina-Bahmane (Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane), lifestyle blogger and new mother Agija Kola-Kanca (Agija Kola-Kanča), designer of QooQoo brand Alona Bauska (Aļona Bauska) and local Youtube star Anete Ozolina (Anete Ozoliņa). All of them shared their impressions about the new product. Although these women represent different age groups, all of them agreed that the structure of the face skin has improved after using it for couple of weeks. Slow Age fluid is a lightweight creamy emulsion. Once applied, you can immediately feel a hydration boost; this perfectly fits into their hasty life pattern.

Guests of the presentation enjoyed exquisite foods and drinks, served by widely recognized chef of restaurant „Entresol” Raimonds Zommers. During the presentation he revealed that these multiple snacks were not selected randomly. This springtime event did not lack thrilling competitions, moving rhythms and presents, of course.

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