What to buy on sale?


Spring trench coat

Winter is the perfect season to buy a spring coat. Trench coat is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Therefore when buying a trench coat, pay attention to its quality. The better the quality is, the longer it will last. By the way – trench coat as design of a coat was created in World War II in purpose of saving – design details were so thoughtfully cut to use the fabric to the maximum.

Boho style dresses

Trend from last summer will not go away this summer.

Classic cut shirt

Classic cut shirt is one of the most universal piece of clothing. It fits wonderfully in different wardrobes of personalities and styles, and just like trench coat it is eternally in fashion


If swimsuit design is classic and it is appropriate for Your body shape, it will never go out of style.


Leather jacket

Leather jacket is the perfect addition to Your everyday outfit, although – in Latvian stores You will probably not find it above size 42, but if You like the idea of rebel image, just click on links:

Pajamas on the street

Pajama-style clothing will still be trending this summer. Try on this trend Yourself!

Classically shaped shoe with heel

Classics remain classics. Personally I own classic black pumps that I bought 10 years ago – the shape, color and style have not lost its relevance until this moment. And every time I wear them, someone asks – where did You buy these shoes?

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