500 g 0,5% (lean) cottage cheese

2 glasses flour

1 glass sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1tsp soda

pinch of salt

~600 ml oil for frying

caster sugar

  1. Fill a pot with oil and heat it.
  2. In a big bowl, beat the cottage cheese, flour, sugar, baking powder, soda and a pinch of salt together. Mix until just combined. The mass should be thick and sticky so that it is easy to make the balls.
  3. Cover your hands with flour and make the balls- the size depends on you. You can also roll the balls into flour before frying but it is not compulsory.
  4. To make sure the oil is hot enough, pour just one ball at the beginning. If it fries nicely, add some more. However- do not try to fry more than 6-10 balls at a time- depending on size.
  5. The balls are ready as soon as they become golden brown and start to float on surface. Using a tablespoon take them out and drain on paper towels.
  6. As soon as all the balls are cooked, sprinkle with caster sugar.
  7. Ready to serve- warm or cool with jam or chocolate!



280 g chocolate

80 ml milk

80 ml cream

  1. Chop the chocolate.
  2. Pour the chocolate, milk and cream into a pot. Heat on low heat stirring continuously with rubber spatula. As soon as the mass gets smooth and the chocolate has melted, pour it into fondue tray.
  3. Enjoy with cottage cheese fritters and fruit.


In case the fondue seems too thick for you, add some more milk and cream.

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