Morethansize TRAVELS-Taste KULDIGA!

The main target of Morethansize team weekend trip this time was to breathe the spring and taste the gem of Kurzeme- town Kuldīga. Lucky you, not our extra kilos, as the weekend in Kuldīga became true food enjoying marathon. In addition, we managed to acquire some new knowledge, joyful being together as well as new experience, filming our first video blog. Therefore a big thank you goes to Samsung as it provided us with new Samsung Galaxy phones, so- they became our best friends in order to capture beautiful moments all day long.

Why Kuldīga? Well, there is no better place to go for four, adventurous ladies than restaurant week „Taste Kuldīga”. This is the first year it took place in Kuldīga. Each local restaurant and cafe offered delicious meals for different tastes and desires.

The first stop of our team- cafe „Šarlote”. This tiny and cosy cafe is situated next to the former department store in the town square. It turns out that it is very convenient to park the car in this area and afterwards walk into town to explore it.  By the way, éclairs we tasted in “Šarlote” may easily become an addiction as the light filling was absolutely delicious. No surprise- the cafe was full of clients even on Sunday.

Kuldīga has always attracted a lot of attention. Painters compare it with a wonderful, desirable painting, often calling it a little Venice of Latvia. Peace and silence permeate the streets of this town; calm atmosphere lets you feel the specific aura of a little town. We got more and more excited and joyful as the hours went by while breathing spring air in Kuldīga.

Moving from one restaurant to another, we attended thrilling ravioli master class and tried delicious goat cheese at tasting as well as viewed exhibition- installation dedicated to „Taste Kuldīga”. At the end of the day we stopped for an outstanding three course meal at Italian restaurant Goldingen Room.

What to see in Kuldīga?

There is a huge amount of tourism objects in Kuldīga. Several Museums, churches and, of course, the most famous object Kuldīga is proud of- the old brick bridge across river Venta. You can always find a lot of information about it. We also have to mention old, medieval architecture of this town and labyrinths of small, adorable streets.

As we know- every town, district and place has its own face. The face of Kuldīga is multiform wooden doors, which tempt you to stop at each of them to have a closer look. Wooden doors in the old town are definitely a thing you should explore. So similar, yet so different, they encourage you to think about the past- about people who owned the place, about what is behind the door…

Local stories.

Each town has its own legends and stories. Like, in Kuldīga- there are special, energetic points where healers regain their power. There are also several mystic places around the area, like Kundu abyss. There are also rumours that one of the schools has been damned. Anyway- Kuldīga can definitely be called a town of taste.

There are numerous restaurants and cafes hiding around every corner, so it is really impossible to visit all of them during one trip. So, we will certainly be back.


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