The question regarding snacks and meals is always essential when going for a longer trip or picnic as it is the main part, actually! In case you prefer to get enough energy for the rest of day not wasting too much time and eating a food you love, gas station is not an option. As you are not eager to attend cafes at all times- our advice is a picnic enjoying homemade treats! Morethansize team travels to Kuldiga in collaboration with online store In order to encourage you to enjoy healthy snacks, here are some great ideas! Be creative and challenge yourself to gastronomic pleasures!


(4 people)

Bread with fenugreek, 500 grams loaf

Spreadable BIO goat cheese

BIO avocado, 2 pieces

Matured deer ham– 500 grams*

Pea microgreenery, half of the box


Salt, pepper

Optional: marinated red onion**


1.       While heating oil in pan, add some salt, pepper and rosemary to entire deer ham. Bake the ham adding crushed garlic- each side for 2 minutes as soon as the oil is hot.

2.      As soon as the deer ham is done, put it aside for rest. Afterwards cut it into slices.

3.      Cut the fenugreek bread- you will need eight slices.

4.      Smear each slice with spreadable goat cheese.

5.      Place sliced avocado, pea seedlings, marinated red onions and deer ham on the bread, then cover with another slice of bread.


*use any of your favourite meats, fish or vegan bean patties.

**How to marinate onions- cut them into circles, add tablespoon of vinegar, two tablespoons of caster sugar, place them into a jar, shake well and let it rest into the fridge overnight. Good for consuming for couple months.


(4 people)

Quinoa (1 glass)

Cabbage 1/4

2 carrots

Pea microgreenery, half of the box

Favourite nut or seed oil

Optional: red onion crisps for decorating


1.       Cook quinoa according to instructions. Chill.

2.      Cut the cabbage into tall, thin slices. Cut the carrots using vegetable peeler.

3.      Mix quinoa, cabbage and carrots in a bowl, add pea microgreenery, oil of your choice and a little bit of salt and pepper. Strew with onion crisps.

4.      In order to enjoy this snack during the trip or picnic- fill it in plastic cups and use fork instead of the straw.


(4 people)

Low fat cottage cheese, 300 grams

Cream, 400 ml

Sugar, 4 tbsp

Cranberry trifles

Optional: marmalade, fruits


1.       Whip the cream with the sugar, until it gets the right consistency.

2.      Add the cottage cheese to whipped cream, mix.

3.      Add additives- cranberry trifles, marmalade, fruits.

4.      We recommend serving this snack into trays with lids. Looks nice and easy to transport!

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