Taking care of your skin in winter is particularly important. The harsh winter weather can do serious damage.  This time Morethansize team tests different facial skin care masks.


Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask

White clay mask, enriched with zinc, promises deep and intense facial skin cleansing leaving your skin clean and smooth for a week.


I will start with a confession – this is the second time in my life when I`m testing a mask on my own. I have always trusted my cosmetologist. I tried this mask because I liked the ingredients of the mask. There was no fruit acid, which I am most afraid to use at home. Speaking about process – it was quite messy. Next time I will definitely use some accessory like plastic spatula or a brush, because smooth application with my fingertips was not easy. When I applied the mask, the feeling was pleasant, there was no burning or tightening, I felt comfortable. Also it was easy to remove, because it was not dry, so I used paper tissue and washed my face with water. After using, my face looked fresh and clean.


Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Mask

Fruit extract enriched with cucumber and sea minerals. Mask promises to sooth the skin and make it fresh.



Since I have sensitive and allergic skin, I carefully choose the products I use. I will be specific.

Mask cons – right after the application, I felt a burning on the cheek area. After 5 minutes I wanted to wash it off, but it was quite hard to do it. After using it, one cheek was red. Overall the mask delivered what it promised – it cleans skin and refreshes the overall look of it. But is it suitable for sensitive skin?! In my opinion – no… In spite of some pros of the mask, I would not want to use it again and would not suggest it to a friend.

Mask pros – very friendly price, I would even say cheap. Texture was creamy and mild, easy to apply, the scent was fresh. After using it, despite of the side effects, skin was pleasantly soft, fresh and here and there it was smoother.


Eveline Cosmetics 24K Gold & Diamonds face mask. The manufacturer promises flexible skin, fill and smooth out even the deepest wrinkles, as well as tighten and rejuvenated facial oval.

Eveline mask is presented as intensively moisturizing and nourishing product for mature skin 40+. Caring substances stimulate microcirculation, even out the greyish, tired skin tone and return the lively glow, while the added gold particles fight with the effect of free radicals. The description mentions innovative product technologies that will smooth out the wrinkles, improved and restore skin, extend cell vitality and softer skin.

OPINION: When I held the package in my hands, it seemed like it will be enough for my face and neck. But when applied, there is enough only for face. Of course – you can manage with thinner layer of the mask on the face but since I primarily wanted to test how effective would it be on my face, I was not shy when applying it to my face. I was happy about the light scent, I would even say it was – delicious. However, this could displease demanding women, as it hints of added fragrances. The mask is white and thick. I was hoping to see the gold particles as in other masks but nothing like that is visible. When applied, the mask should be left on face for 15 minutes. After about 4 minutes, the mask was no longer visible. In the first minutes I felt a little burning, I already wanted to clean it off, but moments later the feeling disappeared. Next thing that I felt – the skin was really tight. After cleaning off the mask, my facial skin was softer and velvety, but the deeper wrinkles remained in the same place. Neither they were smoothed out, nor disappeared. Even small smile wrinkles did not react to the mask. Overall it is a good mask, I like the smell, feelings and I think I will try the mask again, but the effectiveness was really light. I think that for visible results, it should be used at least 2 times a week for a month.

Rival de Loop Harmony mask

Rival de Loop product line is issued by shop Rossmann which is multi-brand household chemicals and beauty chain store similar to the Latvian store “Drogas”. Mask Harmony is suitable for all skin types and is intended for the face, neck and décolleté skin nourishing, soothing, recreation and pampering the soul,  provided by the almond milk, cocoa butter and honey. The manufacturer promises that after the usage of facial mask, skin will be silky, moisturized, regenerated and relaxed. I have sensitive skin, so I pay close attention to what I use on a daily basis, but this was an interesting experiment to see if we overlook good products because of the low price point.



The consistency of the mask is creamy and oily, it was easy to apply on the face. For my neck and décolleté area it would not be enough even if the mask is carefully applied with a brush. I was happy about the scent of the mask. Pleasantly fresh with a hint of sweet almond milk aroma, even though quite chemical, I could see myself relaxing thanks to the scent, but in the first minute of applying the mask, I experienced a burning sensation. Although tingling in the cheek area is small, it definitely is not pleasant, but bearable for 10 minutes. Manufacturer suggests to massage the mask into skin or clean it off with a cosmetic wipe. I did not want to do either of that – I wanted to take it off my face, besides – as gently as I could – with running water.

Skin felt hydrated and nourished but red cheeks did not show any signs of a rested face. Also my soul wasn`t pampered, because the burning oppressed pleasant aroma. One of the primary components of the mask is a form of alcohol that is usually used for hair, not face care. This fact and the experience with the first mask does not encourage me to use the second package of the mask that came together with the first one. I do not suggest this mask to people with sensitive skin, but others may try it if not afraid of the presence of alcohol. As ingredients there are mostly almond milk, cocoa and honey, as I can feel from my nourished facial skin.

Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips with Purifying Charcoal have been specially formulated to remove blackheads, dirt, and grease and to unclog and tighten pores.  It contains Absorbent Charcoal, which is known to help with the effective removal of impurities and also contains Peppermint Oil & Witch Hazel for a cool refreshing feeling.

Because of the peach extract Rival de Loop Peel-Off mask promises to deeply cleanse the skin of dead skin cells. Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturize the skin.

OPINION: This time I decided to use 2 products at once. At first I applied black cleansing nose pore strip and then applied peel-off transparent face mask. Both products – for cleansing my facial skin.
The nose strip was not as promising as I would want to – my pores were a little cleaner, mostly around the tip of my nose. Also after removing the strip, my skin on the nose and around it was really dry and it was even peeling off. Despite it, I will probably use the product again but only after a hot shower that will open my pores more so that the strip can get more of them out.
And about the peel-off face mask – right after applying it, I felt a little burning on my cheeks, but it went away after couple of minutes. After some time the mask became dry and shiny. After taking it off, my face skin was definitely smoother and softer. One thing I have to say though – more than the true effect of the mask, I appreciated the fact that I could peel it off of my face as an extra skin – just like in my childhood – PVA glue from my palm.


In the chair of cosmetologist or at home, it is important to indulge in feminine rituals and take care of ourselves. Importance of loving ourselves and taking care of our skin is priceless. Team of MORETHANSIZE will continue to test out variety of products, procedures, beauty rituals and take part in crazy challenges and experiments. Follow us and get isnpired!

pHOTO : Juris Šulcs Gowns :Zanda, Jana, Indra- Lindex. Natalja – Debenhams
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