Morethansize playing with Korean make up trends!

As the interest in new make up trends gradually grows, numerous new and unusual products continue to appear – lipsticks, which apply like film and afterwards the colour stays on the lips for 24 hours, adhesive make up stencils – assistants in creating perfect lines; lip balms that change their intensity during the day. Many of the original cosmetic products are born in Korea. Here you can find many of the new make up trends as well. Morethansize team is playing with some of them.

  • Grey cheeks! Exaggerated correction of the face. Desirable effect – deep cheeks and contoured face. The result – „Tales from the Crypt”.

  • Invisible lip lines! Desirable effect and the result – visually reduced lip volume.

  • Different eye shadow style. Desirable effect – to hide the blue bags under eyes. The result – cried out eyes.

  • Ideally matte skin; secured make up using water. Desirable effect – even colour of the face and perfect matte effect. The result – stained skin, pores full of white powder.

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