The vision of Oriflame brand goes far above just providing perfect appearance- it has much wider meaning. Beauty does not mean just how we look on outside, it is also our feelings, our way of life, how healthy do we eat, how we make our dreams come true and how we manage to enrich ourselves by positive changes.

Thinking of the above, Oriflame collaborates with athlete Laura Ikauniece- Admidina. She is the new ambassador of Oriflame brand in Latvia.

„I am truly happy about our previous and upcoming collaboration. Laura Ikauniece- Admidina is is one of the most inspiring personalities and athletes- a beautiful woman with an attitude of the winner and healthy lifestyle. She perfectly corresponds with the values of  Oriflame brand,” says Head of marketing in Baltic states Egmonts Galins (Egmonts Gāliņš).

The new ambassador is going to take part in promotion campaigns, star as a model and advertise specific products of Beauty and Wellness categories.

Laura Ikauniece-Admidiņa is praised as the best Latvian athlete of year 2016. Her enduring fighting spirit and external beauty continues to fascinate people around her. Moreover, she is truly warm and open person. Her story is a proof that you can reach any goals by working hard and believing in yourself. These are the main preconditions.

Laura Ikauniece-Admidiņa: „It is a great honour to become an ambassador of Oriflame in Latvia. By belief is that beauty is not just on the outside. It is also a self esteem. Every woman is beautiful. I wish everybody to take the risk and accept the challenges thrown in your way- just do not be afraid of different opinions. Build your self consciousness, smile more and you will succeed.”

Founded in 1967, Oriflame is a beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries. Its wide portfolio of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty products is marketed through approximately 3 million independent Oriflame Consultants, generating annual sales of around €1.3 billion.

Respect for people and nature underlies Oriflame’s operating principles and is reflected in its social and environmental policies. Oriflame supports numerous charities worldwide and is a Co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation. Oriflame is a Swiss company group listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange.

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