When it comes to taking photos and Instagram, I’m all about capturing moments. Capturing the little moments that later on will tell the most about your day, about you meeting friends for coffee, about your trip to Laos. Moments like these put together a story thanks to emotions they represent for us. They may be as small as a flower bouquet, a cup of coffee with the most perfect foam hat you finally mastered or a book left on the couch by your little rugrat. But that’s me. Maybe you are into entirely different things? Maybe our goals for Instagram are different, so how we use it will differ. So to create a successful account, the first thing to do is to understand for what purpose you are creating content – is it just for fun, a hobby or maybe you want to start a career?

Choice of direction will determine what is the overall look of your account, what photos and info you share. You can reveal your personality and use it as the main key for your content, or you can stay behind the scenes, both options provide equal opportunities for the realization of your objectives. The key is to create a space that you are proud of, that reaches your target audience and creates a story you can tell from day to day.

If your goal is to document your journey towards set objectives when it comes to fitness, pregnancy, traveling or other I can suggest trying out diary type content – share your progress and how you achieve it. If your goal is a career in beauty, publish your works and backstage, so people can see both your work and how you work. If you would fancy owning a cafe or writing a cookbook, share inviting food photos featuring original recipes. Or tell a life story! Share your outfits, your travels, your ups and your downs, your opinion and your dreams. Create a content that will ultimately help you achieve a goal you have set for yourself.


Four most popular direction to take a leap into are fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. Since here at More Than Size we love fashion, lets first discuss how to share your sense of style in a fun way and elegant manner. Basically there are two types of photos you can do that with – either a friend takes a photo of you or you do it yourself and take a selfie.

When taking outfit photos think about the fact that you have to tell a story. Show more than just the new blouse, highlight bracelets, red lips and the place you chose for your photo. If you are wearing a monochrome outfit, find a location with interesting elements so the picture comes alive and the viewer’s eye is attracted – architecture element, graffiti, a busy street or a row of blooming cherry trees. If you are wearing a busy and colorful outfit, choose a bit calmer background – bright brick wall, simple architecture or a hedge, which will serve as an enough interesting background, but will not overpower the outfit. Do not be afraid to come closer to the camera, show your legs and shoes, or just torso, emphasizing bracelets and purse – show off details.

Details can be highlighted also with a selfie and photos taken from an angle of your view. My favorite – the #shoefie or a photo of your shoes taken from your eyesight featuring beautiful tiles. For the shot to be top notch – stick your bum out and take that shoefie! To show your new bag, place it on the table next to your morning coffee cup and the mag you are reading – you will show more about your habits, show your favorite coffee place and magazines you are into. If you are having an ice cream cone – take a picture, because you will capture both the ice cream and your arm swag.

Speaking of classic selfies, the key of success is light! If you are taking the picture indoors, face the source of light or a window in order not to create unnecessary  shadows. Try to do the same when you are outside. Also the angle you take your selfie from is important, place your phone on a level with your face or slightly higher. To not to earn the selfie queen status, think of selfies as a rare phenomenon and share them when you really want to show something to your followers – the amazing cat eye, selfie with your favorite actor or blogger, an amazing background or your emotions.


Even more than selfies taking, people love food. This topic is always popular due to a simple reason – people love to eat in any given moment and situation no matter if you are an athlete, a mother, a housewife, a traveller or a fashionista. A couple of suggestions for delicious photos – use daylight, do not be afraid of shadows, spend 30 spare seconds on the composition and show your meal form the best angle! Experiment, do not be afraid to play with food, to put your dish on the floor or step on a stool. Try putting the watermelon on grass or a soup bowl on a gray floor – the background will highlight the most important – colors of your dish!

Speaking of background – it should highlight the food. If you want more than a simple table or floor photo, add details such as spoons, forks, napkins, cup of coffee, maybe sunglasses and a planner? Try out different angles – from sides, from the top and try asking your friend to take photo both of you and your pizza slice. That will help creating a story, which in turn will lead to a double tap and a heart. If I’m in the middle of the street having an ice cream I will most definitely try to take a photo either against a wall or against the city view or maybe I will try snapping a selfie.  When you are outside the house, create a story using your surroundings to the max, snap a hotdog in Times Square, a green morning smoothie in the early sun rays against a white wall and take a picture of your rugrats birthday cake while he is enjoying it. Though from experience I can say that not necessarily everything that tastes fantastic will also look amazing, but that’s nothing to cry about, most important part is you enjoying the dish!


Traveling is exactly the same – there is no way to document everything. And there really is no need to do so, because one photo taken at the exactly right time will tell more than thousand words. Those who enjoy publishing their travel notes, mainly highlight the majesty of nature or human emotions. When traveling I advise looking from outside, make a step back and watch from distance. When showing off landscapes nature has created, be in the second plan to just create a sense of reality and scale (although your trench coat is a cute detail). When you bring your followers on to the journey of emotions details are most important because they create a sense of travelling together to your followers. Capture the small things that make you smile – the granny at the fish market in the early hours, the empty beach, the coconuts! Show the world through your eyes!

If you combine all three of the above mentioned themes, you will be able to create a beautiful account devoted to lifestyle. funny, but these are the most searched and followed accounts, also mostly everybody has one of these starting from your neighbour and ending with Hollywood stars. But there is a catch – this kind of content is hard to present in a harmonious way, it requires more of an effort so you can create an account pleasing to the human eye. but nothing is impossible!

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