Alex Michael May no @alexmichaelmay  California girl vibes on steroids!

Rachel no @lovelyinla  Latest trends, girls stepping out of cars and having shameless brunches? You got it all here!


Ashley Rose no @thisisashrose  Nothing beats views of Australia mixed in with great fashion advice that works for the curvy gal!


Victoria Monitzer no @rosewood_avenue  Bloggers, move aside! This curve queen has it all – envious curves, fashion sense and shoe collection of every girls dreams


Stephanie Zwicky no @stephaniezwicky 

This french girl will inspire you to buy fresh flowers, work on your interior and closet, and above all that she has an adorable one year old that will melt your heart and the most photogenic cat. Oh, and did I mention, she speaks french in all her insta stories? *swoon*


Adriana Convers no @fatpandora  This colombian girl has her bomber jacket section of her closet down. Now, are there visiting hours?


Carin Behrens no @carinabehrens Let us just say that Carin is painfully real and cute for a model.


Jada Sezer no @jadasezer Big means bold and sexy!


Clémentine Desseaux no @bonjourclem Lets get it straight – it’s clementine season! She is all women, freckles and cute smile included


Justine LeGault no @justinelegaultofficial French girls do it better and her gold locks and shameless poses prove it 100%!


Julie Henderson no @juliehenderson32  Big hair, don’t care, big curves, no shame!


Tara Lynn no @taralynn  It’s the captions that got our eyes peeled to the screen, or more that body of a goddess!


Sabina Karlsson no @thesabinakarlsson   Sabina is taking us on a journey of how embracing you shape and size lands you the model status. Watch her, because she is going places


Lauren Chan no @lcchan  She is a Glamour Mag girl, a former plus size model and a body positive New Yorker. Do we need to say more?


Jay Miranda no @pinklip  Style tips for the ever girly girl and sexy women hiding inside.


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