Easter is just around the corner! 5 perfect ideas for table decorating!

Ancient Balts celebrated spring solstice Easter – the onset of the spring and the victory of the light over the dark. Inalienable components of Easter are egg fights, sway, entertaining games as well as rich breakfast table. Nowadays the classic table decorating is substituted by innovative and creative ideas; moreover it is one of the hottest trends. Many contemporary families create restaurant-like festive table settings, making the Easter breakfast special. Morethansize has generated several interesting ideas for your spring celebration in collaboration with shopping centre Domina Shopping. Have a closer look and get inspired in order to create your own unique table setting. Share it on instagram in order to win 20 EUR gift card from Domina Shopping as well as a surprise present! Do not forget to add hashtag #uzbursvētkus


One of the top trends in table decoration art is different gypsum decors in corresponding theme. Clay tableware along with artificial moss stones conjure up peaceful forest scene.

Clay bowls, dish: baltic.space

Decor bunny, moss: Ziedu Tirgotava Lakstos

Glass vase: Siena Home

Utensils: @home


Butterfly dance- in a cloud of tender, pastel pink mist. The triumph of pink shades continues – it has not lost its significance since the last season.

Dishes, bowl, water tray, vase: @home

Glasses: Siena Home

Decor watering can: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Decor buterfly: baltic.space

Tablecloth, pink: Cellbes


Bright colours and unusual items- jars with straws, eggs in shopping carts. This is a perfect table decoration when you wish to please youngsters – the best key to fun and excitement!

Clay dish, bowl: baltic.space

Dish: @home

Glasses, decors – bird, watering can, cart, garden equipment, wooden figurines: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Decor butterfly, bunnies: Siena Home

Tablecloth, pink: Cellbes


This is a great choice for fans of classic values – true countryside romance. Granny’s crocheted or embroidered tablecloth would suit perfectly. White tableware and utensils like from 19th century. Adorn your table with ambassadors of spring- snowdrops and tree branches.

Clay dish, bowls: baltic.space

Utensils: @home

Glass vase, glasses, decor bunny: Siena Home


Tableware with message, hyacinth bulbs in test tubes and minimum of colours. This table decoration style is a top trend at the moment- praised by wedding organizers as well as store window designers. This kind of table setting style reflects a wish of the hostess to create interesting, contemporary atmosphere.

Dish with message, clay bowl: baltic.space

Bowl, glass decors: @home

Salver, glasses, decors buuny, bird: Siena Home

Marble cutting board: Hemma


Play of contrasting colours. Original green decors conjure up the feeling of spring and tease to taste them. White colour and crystal tableware provide wonderful and festive sensation.

Clay dishes, bowls, decor with message, decor feet: baltic.space

Utensils: @home

Glass vase, decors bunny, bird, hanging flowers: Siena Home

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