Detox for mind- heavyweight brooms

We must not forget other classical „heavyweight” brooms to tidy up our minds- bath rituals and breathing exercises, meditation and yoga, healthy eating and sleep, mental exercises and retreats in monasteries as well as countless hobbies, therapies and procedures.

Bath rituals

This is a truly powerful tool for your body and soul. Value of bath rituals has been highly appreciated by our ancestors already ages ago. Both- your body and soul benefit in case you choose to enjoy these rituals. The best thing to please yourself with this kind of treat is to choose a professional attendant. You have to ask yourself- is this a person I can trust, do I like him/her. Bath rituals include deep energy exchange therefore your companion should be reliable. Cooperation of plants used in these rituals along with the knowledge of the attendant makes it truly magical. And do not forget the „Bath Brownie”! The result of the bath ritual is calm and pure mind along with wellness of the body- clean skin, strong immune system, good sleep and many other benefits.


Meditation is one of the most effective means to obtain calm and silence of mind. You do not have to be an eastern sage, ascetic or a monk in order to practice meditation. It is a democratic way to take care of your mind. There is no need for additional equipment or special environment to meditate. Would you like to do it in the middle of everyday run in a train station? There you go! All you have to do is to sit down comfortably, straighten your back, close your eyes and let your mind to become peaceful. That is it! The trouble is that the mind is not always ready to become calm. There are several methods to calm down your mind. Like diverting the attention to 1) outer sound and watching; 2) watching your own breath; 3) watching the body; etc. The main aim is to calm down your mind so that it is able to calm down yourself


Yoga is often perceived as an art of bending the body in weird positions. However, it helps to purify your mind and leads your inner world to growth. The word yoga means a „bond” or „connection”. This is a way that leads to meeting yourself. A way to find a peace in yourself. The harmony is achieved by combining different breathing techniques, meditation and physical exercises. Each of us has our own perceptions about what yoga is. Yoga is practised in several levels- you start as a beginner and there is a chance to grow up to a level of master. There are about 14 different forms of yoga in Western world, like Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kripalu, Ajengara etc. It is also divided by other features- pregnancy yoga, yoga for partners, yoga of laughter etc. In one word- you can choose what suits best to you. It is possible to do it at home; however you might need a leader if you are a beginner.

Breathing exercises

Breathing means living. The trouble regarding breathing is that we breathe very shallow in our everyday lives. It happens unconsciously! We should fill our stomach with an air as well, not just the chest (like little children do). Our bodies do not get enough oxygen because of the shallow breathing, so this leads to stress. We must also remember that we exhale carbon dioxide, so we purify our bodies this way. By the way- one of the modern day’s illnesses- vegetative dystonia is thought to be caused by inappropriate breathing. Conclusion- we have to breathe more knowingly. All the breathing exercises should be done correctly. Perfect shape and timing is essential. You can get to know deep breathing by practising yoga- fiery breath or cooling one etc. Overall there is huge amount of different exercises regarding how and where to breathe in order to tidy up the space in our minds.

High quality sleep

Sleep is affected by stress and vice versa. Having a good quality sleep protects us from everyday stress as well as keeps our mind clear. Sleepless nights happen to all of us from time to time. Our minds build up lace traps so we get stuck into them like a fly in a spider net. First of all, the mind has to be clean and clear already a while before getting under a soft blanket. Sleep should be long enough and the right time to fall asleep is very important. There are meant theories regarding perfect timing; however it is crucial to get into the bed „today” to wake up „tomorrow”.  By the way, it is explored that women need more hours of sleep comparing to men. It is because mind of a women is more complicated, like juggling several balls at the same time. So, ladies, let us sleep and wait for the breakfast in the bed!


Most probably you have noticed that time flies while doing the things you love. We forget all the difficulties and start to feel more happy. However dissatisfaction catches us as soon as we do not find time for the things we truly enjoy. People, whose job and hobby is the same thing, are happier. Be aware you find the time for your hobbies if you are not one of them! There is just one advice- do the things you love!

Massage, SPA, body treatments

Enjoying this kind of pleasure keeps your mind away from analyzing things and thinking too much. The amount of the offers is huge, so all you have to do is to find the ones that make you feel happy and relaxed. A wish to find the time for pleasing yourself is all you need!

Author: Iveta Priede

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