Detox for mind- ideas how to purify your mind.

Write your mind empty!

Make it a habit- write everything out of your head. It does not matter whether you choose to write by hand or on a computer, just write without interruptions, write automatically everything that comes into your mind. Afterwards just crush the paper and destroy it…

Let yourself to create!

Get some paint and begin, even if you are not an artist. Paint, draw, make copies or colour the colouring books. (Piles of colouring books for grownups are sky high in book stores). Not ready to do it your own? That is even better! Find an art courses or even an art therapist and find your way to the inner peace by creating the beauty!

Declare the war to the trash!

Environment around us clearly shows the state of our minds. Therefore, take a deep breath and begin! Get rid of all the old „thismightbeusefuloneday” things as well as „willfixthisoneday” and „notreadytothrowaway” ones as well. Too complicated? Just sell or give them to somebody who needs them, just get rid of them! You will be surprised about the space you acquired- not just in your closet but in your mind as well.


This is a way how to free your mind from the negativity, anger, resentment, wish to revenge and other emotional sludge. Begin with yourself- forgive yourself and all the real and imaginary offenders. Forgiveness lets you obtain clear mind. Clean of emotional terror and rollercoaster of negative thoughts. There are many books containing advices about techniques of this process. You will definitely find your way because you are smart.

Ask for forgiveness!

If you have offended somebody and you feel guilty, do not even dream that you can find inner peace and clear mind. So, the best thing to do is to ask for forgiveness! It is essential to process this into yourself. Ask for forgiveness in your mind or write a letter. It does not matter if you are forgiven by the other side as you have done your job.


Let yourself move. Your mind relaxes while you try to obtain new skills. Dancing awakens your feminine confidence as well as develops subconscious body resources. Try anything- tango or even African ritual dances! Just give yourself to the motion completely!


Find somebody you can talk to! It could be anyone- a friend or a relative, the main thing is you can trust him or her. Find a psychotherapist if there is a need! He is the one who knows the right questions to „talk off” the rubbish of your mind. Let the fear, doubt and feeling guilty go. Thus you will find a freedom to be yourself.

Dress up and spoil yourself!

Yes, yes! Think about all the negative thoughts we have in our minds because of not loving ourselves enough! Find a stylist, change your hairstyle, and buy new clothes! Enjoy body treats that make you feel good. Just love yourself!

Think about what you think!

Do not fill your mind with negative thoughts, pretensions and unnecessary information. You are the one who is responsible for all the guests in your head. Close the information tap and turn on the silence!

Author: Iveta Priede

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