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It is impossible to live a life free of stress in century. You might seem calm on the outside; however some kind of difficult task, unachieved goal or „ghosts of the past” may easily destroy your inner peace. It is not a secret that cockroaches have a cabaret shows as well as birds are singing operas in our heads continuously. However, we have to admit that these dances and songs inside of our minds are necessary. They kind of add some colour to our emotional world as well as make our lives more interesting no matter how weird this might sound.

There is so much information about detox campaigns and how to get rid of alkalis and toxins. However- does it make sense as the fish rots from the head? Clean body doesn’t mean our mind is free and clean. Clean of footsteps left by unsettled matters, clean of offenses, anger, stress and mental fatigue. There have been many different ways how to get dizzy in every culture already ages ago. These methods may lead to conversation with ancestors, hysterical crying, aggression, transcendental peace or other interesting manifestations. Many of the methods have not changed till nowadays. It is just knowledge that has grown bigger and chances, which have become wider as cultures collide. Morethansize team has found several methods that purifies mind and sets you free from stress. You will be able to find out methods that none of us has tried in this article. However, you might find some of them useful for yourself

Methods of Morethansize team.


Well- about cockroaches. The ones that live in my head are really special. Sometimes I generate ideas thanks to them. I would even say they are my bond with the universe. There is a specific order in the chaos they create. This helps me to detox my mind in its own way. I use to watch horror movies in order to calm down this ruffle. The files in my head make a perfect order by themselves while I watch these movies because I am all into the movie and I am afraid at that time. Those are the moments when all I think about is the story and my fear. My brain calms down, creates some kind of order and deletes everything that is not necessary. What else do I do? I watch people, I switch off my phone and sometimes I grab a bargain plane ticket to escape for couple of days.


There are two ways I try to free my mind. First- it is my job, I do what I love. It is like some kind of restoration as it delivers true emotional pleasure and relaxation. However I have not found anything better than physical training in order to arrange an order in my head. I become entirely calm after an hour of running. This kind of activity is very worthy and gives me a true recharge.


I accept life as it is and do not worry too much (appointment at dentist is an exception…). I am happy to watch a movie or TV series in order to escape that exhausting feeling after a long day. That allows me to sink into the screen and retire from job matters. I listen to audio books from time to time instead of watching something. There are days when I colour the colouring book during a break at work or in the evening at home. Those nature motives make me concentrate and afterwards I am happy to enjoy those super beautiful drawings.


Paitings: Arvils Lindes “Dvēseļu putenis” Author: Iveta Priede


I acquire clear mind in long term in a seemingly simple yet quite complicated way at a same time. I just do not worry about insignificant things. Sometimes I do not manage to wash by breakfast dish, – so what? It is not going to run away, so I can always wash it after I get back home from work. Awareness that I cannot manage everything at once is a great help. This has been a true benefit during last year as I had to take all the care of my domestic things- home and family. There are two ways I calm down cockroaches in my head- I tidy up the house throwing away everything that makes me hard to breathe or just spend the time with my family. I am always happy to cheer up my little brother and visit my mum’s family in countryside.


I always listen to my favourite music selection to calm down my mind. It helps me to obtain peace and carries me away from things around me. I do this daily. In case I need something more powerful, I turn to the nature doubtlessly- I choose long walks in the forests, parks, beaches or promenades. Even spending some time on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves helps me to renew the energy and charges me with a power I need during working week. When it comes to the point nothing helps I use even stronger means. I choose to travel in order to get the energy I need and to purify myself completely. This is a way I recharge my batteries and free my mind from the information I do not need. The result is really positive emotions. I can compare it to a sip of a fresh air.


I think we all need a couple of cockroaches in our heads, to be honest. They are not our enemies; they even give us some kind of uniqueness, creativity and glamour that make us so different. However, it becomes impossible to hear the sound of your heart if the ruffle gets too noisy. Yoga and meditation is my way to inner peace and harmony. I have chosen Kundalini yoga as it embodies things which are crucial to me, like physical and breathing exercises, meditation and mantras. I choose to do yoga together with a teacher as well as home alone. I enjoy listening mantras and drawing my own mandalas. My inner space gets clean during a long walk on the seaside, not counting hours or kilometres.

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