To create an eye pleasing grid, you must pay attention to detail when taking photos – right angles, good light, composition, diversity (no one wants to bore their followers, right?), color scheme, backgrounds and much more. such attention to what you do not only make it easier when it comes to processing photos, but also when it comes to creating your grid piece by piece like a puzzle to tell a story.

When it comes down to taking photos, use your phone! Nowadays our phones are so advanced with such powerful photos that they easily can replace a camera. Plus they have a great range of features I suggest using, or at least trying out to see if you like them and could see yourself trying them out. Turn on the grid feature, so you can take straight photos, so you don’t have to straighten them and lose quality. Learn how to use cameras focus function – not only does it highlight the object you are taking photo of, but also corrects lights and shadows ensuring that the photo is not overexposed or too dark. You can also do that by activating the exposure function that is built in the iPhone cameras. Just keep your finger on the screen and a sun will appear, which you pull down to make the picture darker or up to make it lighter. By the way, darker photos are easier to save than the overexposed ones. Also play around with the picture sizes, shoot both in squares and 4:3 dimension.

When you have the photo you want to share, you have to find a good way on how to do it. When choosing style in which to present your content, there are unlimited possibilities that could make it seem impossible to chose the one that will work for you. But take into consideration your target, taste and audience, opportunities considerably reduce. Create an account in terms of colors and style appropriate for yourself and people you want as your followers. If your personality is the main thing that should shine through, create content that describes you as a person in a certain field the best. Maybe you are a bohemian chic or a guy that is all about minimalism? Highlight your strengths! Make an account that shows the world the way you see it.

Jau sākotnēji instagram ideja bija dalīties ar fotogrāfijām, kas apstrādātas ar filtru – šī prakse nav mainījusies, mainījies tikai aplikāciju skaits un nopietnība ar kādu aplikācijas lietotāji tam pieiet. Pastāv likums – instagram režģī var apvienot divas dažādus bilžu apstrādes veidus. Es tomēr iesaku pieturēties pie viena, īpaši, ja Tev ir ar saturu bagāts konts – to par vienu veselu padarīs tieši apstrāde un toņi, kādu sniedz konkrētais filtrs. Saglabājot konkrētu apstrādes stilu, tiek uzturēta harmoniska krāsu palete un sekotājam parādīts kā Tu redzi pasauli sev apkārt. Tas palīdz arī skatītājam koncentrēties uz saturu, nevis liek acīm šaudīties no viena foto pie otra. Jāpiemin, ka pretēji pirmsākumiem, šobrīd instagram topā ir fotogrāfijas, kuras nekropļo realitāti, bet izceļ to. Proti, neaizraujies ar bilžu apstrādi!

Few populars ways of presenting content include maintaining the composition, but changing backgrounds or doing the opposite – keeping the same background, but playing around with composition and details. Some choose to draw inspiration from chess board both color wise and principle wise – they post a picture of people, then an ice-cream, again a person, then a landscape and so on. People are also increasingly posting pictures in more conceptual ways. For example, photo can be divided over two or more grid spaces. Boomerang videos also have become popular.

Instagram currently offers a whole range of tools t ohelp you process your photo before you post it. These include brightness, contrast, warmth, highlights and my favorite – the adjust tool. Admittedly, these are some of the tools I use every single time before posting a picture because they perform so well. Other popular apps used for processing include VSCO Cam, Snapseed and Facetune.

Using filters is the easiest way to achieve a grid style when it comes to color scheme. VSCO Cam offers filters for all tastes in intensity you choose. By the way, I have heard that filter A5 is one of the most popular among VSCO Cam users because of a very simple reason – people are drawn to blue and the filter adds a blue undertone. snapseed offers functions similar to Instagram, but particularly useful is the Healing function which I mostly use to delete cigarette buds on the streets, dish corners and other unnecessary details. I also like to use Selective Adjust functions as it allows to apply filter on certain parts of the picture. Facetune, despite the negative rep, is also handy for different reasons. I advise removing the biggest of unexpected zits, nipples that show through tops under flashlight or camel toes.

Apps: Snapseed, VSCO Cam, facetune, BOOMERANG

When your account is eye pleasing and you like it, it is important to be easily found by the like minded and potential followers. you can do it easily using hashtags. Each hashtag reveals rows and rows of photos which are used with hashtag, revealing similar theme photos. Research how people use them, which are trendy and which of them apply to your photo. Then come geotags. I find them relevant when exploring and traveling. Also, certain sites attract certain people, maybe you can find a like minded friend! Tagging is also a great way on how to find people. I normally tag brands, my friends and places if it is possible, so my followers can see what I am into, and I ask the same from people in whose pictures I show in – to tag me! To this day, this has been the most effective way on finding new interesting accounts and to be found. Now the most tricky part, that work hand in hand with the hashtags – the time you post the photos. For example, I have a business profile and I see that my followers are active between 7am and 1am, becoming more social after 3 pm on weekdays and being very active during weekends. It is therefore logical that I try to adapt and post when it is convenient for my followers – after lunch or before they go to sleep.

But the most important when finding your audience is to be verbal – connect with people! Ask questions, answer them, socialize! Show that you care and you are interested! This is the easiest and most organic way on starting a conversation and building your community – share your opinions and find new friendly faces!

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