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I was 18 when I heard of term „vaginal gymnastics” or- intimate fitness as it is known nowadays, for the first time in my life. One of my close and „sexually open” friends told me a lot about what she had read- mostly in specific magazines and books as the internet era just started to develop at that time.

None of the most popular webpages where you can find different themes and experiences existed at that time. It was just her- Victoria! Very sexual and passionate being- not ashamed to talk about THAT. So, her aim that she has most probably already reached these days was to become an outstanding sexual guru, a goddess! This was the perspective I got acquainted with this art. She told me about the exercises each woman should practice in order to improve relationship with the partner. World Wide Web is fulfilled with videos showing women, able to blow off a candle light, straining their trained intimate muscles. I listened to all the information she gave me, initially even exercised following the instructions, but to be completely honest- I did not pay too much attention to this training. Until I visited, let us call it health SPA, – Academy of vitality- in Aizpute, Latvia. Here I had a chance to discover and get acquainted with intimate fitness scientifically.

Little bit of theory:

Intimate gymnastics is useful not just physically, but also on the energy level. Modern world provides a lot of nervous situations and we live in continuous stress, so it is not surprising that our genitourinary system may get weak. Consequently, the energy begins to decrease. One more important energy centre – is ovaries, they produce the hormone estrogens. With age, after childbirth, cause of stress and so on endocrine profile falls. When estrogens drops, woman begins to fade, she does not look like she used to and does not send out sexual energy. And finally- thyroid gland. It is responsible for the psycho-emotional state of a woman, which, of course, also affects health. Intimate gymnastics directly affects hormones and this sphere entirely. It is simply to explain: during exercises while training the muscles, blood circulation improves and

glands begin to work actively. Psychologically, when woman begins to train intimate muscles, she calms down, her sensitivity increases, she feels admiration from men and she realizes herself in sexual life. Pelvic muscles are directly responsible for bladder and bowel control, healthy pregnancy and preservation of vaginal tone; strong pelvic floor muscles are absolutely crucial to your intimate well-being. Fortunately, just like any other muscle group, they can be trained and strengthened using special exercises. Holistic health considers that the body parts with lack of attention may show it by developing problems and pain in these areas.

Believe it or not- it works!

I decided to agree participating in an experiment, becoming kind of subject of research, after acquiring the above information. Natalija has researched intimate fitness for several years, investigating the processes and developing specific method- an exercise machine.

It helps to follow and estimate if the exercise is performed correctly as well as increase the intensity and acquire amplitude of muscle movements; nevertheless, it helps muscles to become more strong and elastic. Well, during the first appointment I was filmed. Not from the outside, on the inside! The doctor „read” me as an astrologist, she was able to tell what kind of delivery I had and on which side I use to experience some pain. She also explained all about the method she has developed in detail. Let me be honest, there was nothing to lose, just gain. So, this is how my journey began- 20 days of exercising- complete course of intimate fitness. The exercise machine, developed by Natalija Melnikova is a size of a hygienic tampon, connected to the computer. It is possible to adjust susceptibility in order to increase or reduce the intensity. The most interesting part of the method is where you have to train vaginal muscles individually; during the exercise I started to become aware of my inner muscles. I never realized existence of them before. Afterwards Natalija Melnikova offered truly comprehensive explanation about why these exercises are so crucial.

Impact of the exercises on hormonal balance

Ovaries play the main role in providing hormonal balance of women during their fertile period. Receptors in our vaginas affect the hormonal balance in positive way, if stimulated regularly. Therefore intimate fitness has a positive impact on the games of hormones as during the exercise woman pays an attention to this zone and moves the pelvis. Subsequently- inner feeling improves. One more interesting thing- these trainings help to produce testosterone that is responsible for firmness and elasticity of the skin. First 10 days went smoothly. On the second week as the intensity increased, each training was a little bit of a struggle. However- the results were surprising. At the end of the course doctor investigated me on the

inside again; I was shocked- my vagina had become different. Weak muscles which I was able to observe during first inspection had begun to tighten. I noticed that I had become more calm and sedate and not worried about small trouble. Moreover- I had become more sweet and kind towards my husband. Prior to this experience he used to tease me leaving his socks here and there, drinking beer in the evenings and having unhealthy meals. As I finished the intimate fitness course, I continued to exercise at home as well and have not stopped until now. Intimate fitness classes are available in several places in Riga. Instructors help women to tighten and release the pelvic floor muscles correctly. Appropriate breathing techniques are essential as well therefore a loyal teacher is truly advisable. The practice combines techniques of physiotherapy, yoga and belly dance. This is an excellent method to awaken your womanhood.



The impact of exercises on intimate relationship

Woman starts listening to herself after getting to know her body and its needs. She starts to understand what is really essential for her on emotional level; she is not afraid to talk about it as well. New practical knowledge leads to higher harmony in between woman and man, it literally „opens the gate” and lifts them to a new level. While exercising woman is able to endure her youth, keep her skin firm and look amazing. The number of divorced couples and feminine illnesses would definitely diminish in case women all around the world practiced intimate fitness.

When to expect first results?

The first results are observed already after first couple trainings; women start feeling better, mood goes up, reproductive health improves, vaginal micro flora normalises and pleasant changes regarding sexual life occur. As the body awareness grows, psycho emotional aspects find their calm and order. Relationship in family improves as a woman finds peace inside of her. Harmonic woman has excellent relationship with her husband, children, acquaintances and even colleagues. Only by transforming ourselves we can transform the world and intimate fitness in one of the great means in order to reach this goal.

Taking responsibility for your body

Intimate gymnastics means taking responsibility for your body as well; it is not ok to leave this essential sphere just in hands of a doctor. Knowledge and responsibility for your own body leads to positive results in maintaining reproductive health.

Are these trainings suitable for everyone?

Any woman of any age as healthy pelvis is the guarantee for good health and harmony we all wish to acquire.



Author: Simona Krauja

When to avoid intimate fitness?

It is not recommended to practice these exercises while expecting bay and shortly after delivery; also in case of chronic uteral illnesses in acute stage. It is also advisable to avoid these trainings after tough psycho emotional traumas and surgeries. You can always turn to your general practitioner for advice.


Can you imagine that foods we consume may affect and improve the health of vagina?

  • Women who consume apples daily, report better sexual function- including sexual satisfaction, ability to orgasm, and ability to get aroused in comparison to those who do not.
  • The probiotics, found in yogurt and kefir improves vaginal microflora helping prevent infections like UTIs, BV etc. Additional dose of calcium may help improve PMS symptoms.
  • Polyphenolic catechins- found in green tea may kill the E. coli bacteria that cause UTIs; caffeine in green tea may help ease PMS symptoms.
  • Whole grains, legumes, and vegetables are rich in fibre. The best way to keep your vagina healthy is to keep your colon healthy, as most bacteria comes from the colon.
  • Oily fish- containing vitamin D, plus a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids lead to healthy heart and any food that’s good for your heart is also good for your arousal, as better overall circulation also improves blood flow below the belt.
  • Water- hydration is a way to keep the vaginal area moist and lubricated, the easier it is for you to get wet, the more aroused you will be.
  • Women who eat two or more servings of fruit a day are less likely to develop uterine fibroids, noncancerous masses causing pelvic pain and irregular bleeding, than those who consume less than two servings a week.
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