Many of the “ABC books” of style and „bookazines” contain numerous rules of style and taste. Part of them is dedicated to plus size women as well. On average, it is all about what plus size women should or should not wear and what to avoid. The aim of Morethansize team this time is to prove that these rules are not always working for women of 21st. century. Moreover, largest part of them was formed long ago and usually portrays the personal attitude and point of view of the particular authors of these style books.

Rule number 1: plus size women should avoid showy, colourful patterns, fabrics as well as pleated and thick skirts!

!!! Natalja wears trend that contains both of these bans; meaning- pleated skirt and showy, extensive patterns. What is the result? Patterns likely increase the extent, however – visually it makes the waistline look much thinner. We must admit- it is advisable to choose solid coloured blouse, T–shirt or sweater while wearing this kind of skirts.

Rule number 2: no horizontal stripes.

One set – two variations!



!!! There exists a point of view that horizontal lines visually increase the volume making you look more stout! It might happen in case the stripes are located at the thicker parts of the body. However- they are great help in order to create balanced look. Meaning – if you have small breasts but bigger buttocks; in this case it is advisable to choose horizontal lines for the upper part as it helps to harmonize the proportions of the body.

Rule number 3: If you are non-standard size, you should avoid light colours as they visually make you look bigger.

!!! Light colours are definitely easier to notice in comparison to darker shades. However – if the fashion has been chosen carefully, light colour will not do any harm. There still are some issues that should be taken into account; firstly – the cloth should be firm, secondly – no tight garments! Thirdly – do not choose lace lingerie.

Rule number 4: no mini!

!!! Who is able to forbid wearing mini dresses if they look fabulous on you? If your legs are naturally beautiful and firm, – why not to show them?

Rule number 5: avoid transparent clothes.

!!! We would like to ask – why? Because somebody might feel annoyed seeing too big flesh? Transparent garments are definitely allowed! Sometimes these transparent textures help your appearance look filigree and light!

Rule number 6: no put on pockets!

!!! Brigita wears a jacked with put on pockets in breast area. The old rule states that any put on pocket makes you look bigger; however – they may help to harmonize your look and smooth out the proportions. There is just one big truth – the pockets should not be located on the most extensive parts of the body. If you have thin hips and big breasts, they should be located in hip area, not on the breasts. There is no one common rule regarding this, each case should be taken individually.

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