A gift for a MAN

Love is in the air! A gift for him? Take a look at Morethansize gift selection!

 Kikkerland portable BBQ suitcase 76 EUR

Stunning, I would even dare to say- a perfect gift for any guy. Portable barbecue is truly great and easy to use in summer season for picnics or camping with tents. Maybe he is looking forward to attend an open –air festival upcoming summer? Anyway- young or mature, he will definitely appreciate a gift like this.

 Folding book light EUR 40

Unusual and exceptional portable reading lamp- USB rechargeable light which endures up to 8 hours. Your cell phone and other devices can be connected to this book-shaped lamp as it has built in USB port. The lamp is really easy foldable therefore it becomes very useful while travelling or going on a business trip. It is just 21.5 centimeters in length and weighs 355 grams.

Mini espresso maker EUR 60

 True coffee lovers will be amazed to receive mini espresso maker so that they can enjoy their favorite drink at any time

Try for crips EUR 24,70

For those who enjoy movies and TV series! You will also love this brilliant tray!

Plant  EUR 34

You would ask- seriously? A plant? Why not? This fabulous plant does not require real horticultural skills as all it needs is a little bit of sunshine and subtle water mist from time to time.The unique trio not only looks good, it definitely serves as an instant conversation promoter and can be really useful during different discussions.

Cufflinks EUR 23.81

Uncommon cufflinks would give a fresh look and add some personality to his casual clothing.

Glass pads  EUR 8

Real party animal will appreciate extraordinary glass pads with printed cocktail recipes.


Wallet EUR 47

In case your „The one” prefers slim fit trousers and is not keen on satchels, small and compact wallet for credit cards and notes would be a brilliant choice

 Organizer  38 EUR

All the „men’s’ stuff” should be organized as well- so, this wonderful box is perfect storage room for his identity documents, cufflinks etc

EUR  22,85

Hot ? Why not !

Sega game system  EUR 100

Is there anything better than truly masculine entertainment? Like, game console with 80 video games? Well, you have a chance to become the most wonderful girlfriend or wife in the world! 21. st century is the world of gadgets and gadgets rock… he will be astonished!

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