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If you opened this article in hopes of improving your Instagram photos and overall look of your account, then welcome aboard! Next ten minutes (ok, maybe more, cause these will be series of articles) will not be wasted, I promise! I will spill some well known and some insider knowledge about how to pursue a pretty ‘gram that has both visual and emotional value! After all, Instagram is not anymore your personal foto album, but a business to some, so every step has to be well thought out – everything you post stays out there forever!

Instagram brings together more than 300 million users – leaders and followers, those who live and those who pretend to live, personalities and those in search of one, bohemians and hippies, shoe lovers and those who loose themselves in kitchen, travelers and make-up lovers. It is an app, that serves as a link between industry professionals, like-minded users and celebrities and their fans.

Many perceive Instagram as a place where what you see is what you get. In fact, it is able to provide you with so much more than a daily bragging marathon courtesy of the white girl. It is a place where you can find your next love, your next work place, it can become means of communication within a community you are a part of or the door to the world. Your favorite actors let you into their lives and you can quickly find out what’s hot on the other side of the globe. And to downplay it, I have found a couch there and a night cream I swear by!

Within the walls of Instagram, 70 million moments are shared daily! Crazy, right? Not to perish (in direct and figurative sense), I advise following accounts that inspire you and make you smile daily! Accounts to follow can be found in number of ways – searching for specific people using search, swiping through the explore section in search of compelling content and by hashtags and geotag. But lately I have been finding more and more people to follow by looking through tags my favorites leave on their pictures! More Than Size team has compiled 15 profiles of women who inspire us on a daily basis by loving themselves! We hope they will inspire you as much as they do us – have a look here.

This is also how you should contribute to the Instagram family – by inspiring! Either you use it as a professional outlet or for private purposes – inspire! It is important, when there is so much confusion in the world, so use this platform to spread the good, the beautiful, the happy! You can inspire in so many different ways – by telling your story they way it is; a women truly inspired me to not be so hard on myself just by admitting that yes, it is hard to do it all and meet so many standards of society, but it is completely normal! Another girl has made me mad about shoes, another makes me try harder in kitchen. Also those who eat healthy and colorful inspire me, and lets not forget about those who travel no matter the world or the neighboring city. Everything depends on how you  present yourself or the picture you post. Think who inspire you, why and learn from that.


In the next article read about how to choose the direction to go into when choosing your style and how to develop a meaningful and quality content when you are ready to become the one that inspires others!

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