Hello! I am Indra, author and creator of interactive lifestyle magazine Morethansize. I am a mom of two lovely sons, a wife to my man and confidant to my friends. I realize my ideas in clothing brand RedSalt, I work as a stylist for television and media projects. But first and foremost I am a woman.

Originally, when I was inspired by a close friend, I wanted to create a blog. Then this thought overgrown with ideas and became bigger. The idea found like-minded people and Morethansize was born – magazine, that is created for every woman. The idea of this magazine is to share ideas. This is magazine, which informs about current topics, about things that are important to us – women.

Why More Than Size? Because I believe that life is more than fitting in the stereotype frames!

I know that in the fight against stereotypes and values that are inculcated or otherwise cultivated in people, victory is not possible … However, I am convinced that by changing our own attitude towards things, events and situations, our inner feelings change too, because we ourselves are changing.

Once a university teacher told me – Indra, you have to lose weight! You have to wear what you create! Otherwise – how can you even realize what you create? I was offended and didn`t attend lectures of that teacher anymore. For my diploma work I got 5 (ten-point scale), imagine?! At that time I was 20 years old. Today I know that being offended in this situation was useless … It was teacher`s conviction and her prejudices, her understanding of how things should be. I felt great at that time, and I feel the same now. “In my skin” I live in harmony and comfort, I create fashion and celebrate life

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