Which of the crows are You- white, green or the grey one? What kind of air do you breathe? What tastes are you fond of? Where does your joy come from? How does the strength find you?

The books sold in the local bookstores praise art of growing thin, art of loving and lifestyle of sophisticated Parisian women. Have you met any of these outstanding “them” while being in Paris? Haven’t all the perceptions we try to introduce into reality been generated by stories and myths? Hasn’t the Carry Bradshaw worshipping cult stayed for too long in Latvian press? Well, too many questions.

Stereotype is the size we are imprisoned. Yes, we do not deny being sorcerers each of us in a different way. We are able to conjure up beauty out of nothing, we create ourselves as well as our own world and we love- this is an immense power. Because this is a life and it is beautiful!

We- the team of Morethansize, just want to live with pleasure- as life is so much more than fitting into size 36 and drinking coffee in Montmartre. We would like to show the way in which Latvian women live, love eat and pray to Paris and Rome. We are going to eat, film, dance, dress up and accept crazy challenges. We are going to share with you our knowledge and things we have discovered for ourselves. We won’t teach you how to live, our priority is to inform you and share. We are the super team!

Taste– this is about how we enjoy food, music, cinema and arts, nature and culture.

Wind– this is a direction we look into, a motion that takes us on its wings. This is a welcoming road.

Courage – Do not be afraid, come with us!

Style– this is a place where we share how we choose our outfits, where we shop and where we look for an inspiration.

Shop– you are always welcome, as we want to show you real “pearls” we have found.